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Allison Rose | Jan 14, 2021
As expected, the production values are excellent, and the writing is solid, even cheeky at moments, and witty.
Full Review | Grade: B
Season Two Preview (ep. 1-3)
Allison Rose | Aug 24, 2020
The show keeps the same sarcastic tone and funny. politically incorrect moments we have come to expect.
Full Review | Grade: B
High Score
Allison Rose | Aug 12, 2020
Netflix offers a rather interesting and fairly comprehensive look at the world of video games with its global socialization, culture, competitiveness...and profitability.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Jul 17, 2020
Langford is an excellent choice for Nimue. She is strong and resilient yet somewhat trusting and naïve.
Full Review | Grade: B
Space Force
Allison Rose | May 26, 2020
The real star of Space Force is Malkovich. He is brilliant as the sarcastic, intelligent, and witty voice of science and reason in an otherwise bizarre plot.
Full Review | Grade: B
Dead To Me: Season 2
Allison Rose | May 05, 2020
Besides the terrific writing that makes Dead To Me so good, Applegate and Cardellini are the gems whose chemistry makes the show work.
Full Review | Grade: B
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
Nathan M Rose | Aug 28, 2019
Director Louis Leterrier took painstaking measures to be faithful to the original Dark Crystal film by barley using any CGI and using mostly puppetry.
Full Review | Grade: B
Stephanie Coats | Apr 10, 2019
If you enjoyed the 2011 film, you’ll find plenty to like in Amazon’s Hanna as well. With a compelling cast, superb action scenes, and grounding character relationships, it’s a great way to spend 8 hours.
Full Review | Grade: B
American Gods Season 2 Preview
Allison Rose | Feb 25, 2019
The writing is still engaging and fresh and the production value is strong. If you enjoyed American Gods season 1, then season 2 is a must see!
Full Review | Grade: B
Midnight, Texas Season 2, Episode 2: The Monster of the We...
Allison Rose | Nov 02, 2018
So far Season two is off to a great start and I for one am looking forward to finding out what’s going on in Midnight in the coming weeks.
Full Review | Grade: C
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