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Coco Review

Coco is a unique film both bright in color and bright in character.  So many lessons learned along the way, Coco is a wonderful family adventure that will grace your digital collection in so many ways.

Pixar makes incredible animated movies that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  They include comedy for children, comedy for adults, new characters, and amazing storylines.  Coco is no different.

Coco is about a young boy, named Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez; Criminal Minds), who dreams of being a musician.   Miguel's family is against anything that has to do with music because Miguel's great-great-grandfather was a musician who the family believed left to play his guitar for the world.  Starting the movie with a narration about Coco's (Ana Ofelia Murguía; Mozart in the Jungle) history- who is Miguel great grandmother- and why music was banned from his family forever, is a unique way of providing the background information needed to process Miguel's story.  The narration draws you in, as you know it will be important to the storyline. 

Starting the movie on Dia de los Muertos, the families in Miguel's town put up shrines to remember the family members that have passed away.  Miguel wants to enter a music contest but because his family has banned all things music, he steals a guitar from another family's shine, commemorating a famous guitar player, Ernesto de la Cruz voiced by Benjamin Bratt (Doctor Strange).   Somehow, Miguel enters the land of the dead and ends up at the "Office of the Family Reunions".   In order to return to the land of the living, Miguel must receive a blessing from a family member, which blessing would require him to give up music.  Unable to do so, Miguel stays in the land of the dead and explores the rich traditions of his culture, his love for music, and even gets to meet his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, with the help of a lost soul, named Héctor (Gael García Bernal; Mozart in the Jungle). 

We find out that Hector is not simply a lost soul but has a direct connection to Miguel.  Hector provides a new family history for Miguel, one that helps Miguel understand his family's hatred of music.  Hector not only helps Miguel physically return to the land of the living but also gives him an appreciation of his family's history and a better understanding and deeper love for Coco.

In true form to Pixar movies, the colors on screen pop out.  Crisp and bright, the bold rich colors of Mexico provide a background setting for the storyline.  Marigolds that form the bridge between the lands of the living and dead are simply breathtaking.  Costumes pop.  One would think that the land of the dead would be dark and drab- yet Pixar creates a loving, vibrant, colorful land that one can understand why Miguel does not want to leave and return.  In addition, the music is supportive, both of the storyline and Miguel's love of music.  It is a pleasure to listen to actors Anthony Garcia (as Miguel) and Benjamin Bratt (as Ernesto de la Cruz) sing as part of the tale.

The digital copy provides easy access to the bonus features.  You can Discover The Characters of Coco; watch five (5) different trailers; watch the "Remember Me" music video; hear The Music of Coco and Un Popo Coco; as well as Extras.  The Extras consist of The Real Guitar; A Thousand Pictures in A Day; You Got The Part!; How to Make a Paper Picado,; Paths to Pixar: Coco; Fashion Through The Ages; Land of Our Ancestors; How to Draw a Skeleton; Dante; Mi Familia; and Welcome to the Fiesta.  Eight deleted scenes are included.  As if these bonus features weren't enough, Director Lee Unkrich (Finding Nemo) provides us with a wonderful audio commentary.

Coco is a unique film both bright in color and bright in character.  So many lessons learned along the way, Coco is a wonderful family adventure that will grace your digital collection in so many ways.

Grade: A

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MPAA Rating: PG
Running Time: 109 minutes
Distributed By: Walt Disney Pictures

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