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The Jesus Rolls (Digital HD)

Fresh out of prison, smooth-talking petty thief Jesus Quintana (John Turturro, reprising his iconic Big Lebowski character) is ready to roll with his best friend Petey (Bobby Cannavale) riding shotgun. But first they need some wheels. A vintage muscl...
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Euphoria (Digital HD)

Following a group of high school students, as they navigate love and friendships in a world of drugs, sex, trauma, and social media, the series will be executive produced by Drake, along with manager Future the Prince. The ensemble cast includes: act...
WAS: $14.99 NOW: $4.99

The Adjustment Bureau (Digital HD)

In "The Adjustment Bureau," Matt Damon will play David Norris, a charismatic congressman who seems destined for national political stardom. He meets a beautiful ballet dancer named Elise Sellas, only to find strange circumstances keepi...
Amazon Original's The Tick Takes Over San Diego Comic Con
Jul 20, 2017 02:03 AM EST

Amazon Original's The Tick Takes Over San Diego Comic Con

It's that time of year again when nerds, geeks, superheroes, and celebrities all descend in a two-mile radius of downtown San Diego to partake in the experience known as Comic Con International.  For four days people will anxiously wait in line to sit in huge halls to g...