The Legend of Hercules (2014)

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Released:  Friday, January 10, 2014  
Length:  114 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: The Legend of Hercules is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of AmericaSome material may be inappropriate for children under 13.


In Ancient Greece 1200 B.C., a queen succumbs to the lust of Zeus to bear a son promised to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the king and restore peace to a land in hardship. But this prince, Hercules, knows nothing of his real identity or his destiny. He desires only one thing: the love of Hebe, Princess of Crete, who has been promised to his own brother. When Hercules learns of his greater purpose, he must choose: to flee with his true love or to fulfill his destiny and become the true hero of his time.

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  • 12/13/2013 3:57 PM EDT


    In Ancient Greece 1200 B.C., a queen succumbs to the lust of Zeus to bear a son promised to overthro...

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This has been on torrent for ages,rubbish!
5/30/2014 5:11 AM EDT

Nice movie.
4/5/2014 10:18 AM EDT

Hope this is good. I saw all the old movies. Yes, I'm that old.
1/12/2014 1:58 PM EDT

Got to see this movie n also I can't wait till my time come I'm trying to make it on the big screen n acting I pray I do :)
1/9/2014 7:22 PM EDT

This is a most see movie
1/8/2014 7:39 PM EDT

12/21/2013 2:01 PM EDT

Always liked Renny Harlin
12/11/2013 1:24 PM EDT
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