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Brave Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition
Roger Longenbach |  Nov 14, 2012
Brave is hands-down the most visually stunning animation that Pixar has ever produced. | Full Review...
Marvel's The Avengers
Roger Longenbach |  Sep 29, 2012
If there is one genre that Hollywood has tried over and over again, with some success and countless failures, it is the comic-book hero.  But unlike others, The Avengers is not just about one com... | Full Review...
The Hunger Games
Roger Longenbach |  Aug 19, 2012
Out on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy is one of 2012's most popular movies (currently #3, which is surprisingly good considering it was released in March, not during the summer season).  Based on the b... | Full Review...
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Roger Longenbach |  Jun 22, 2012
Usually with a disaster movie you follow the main characters as they fight for survival.  In this case, we have something different: there is no hope for survival.  What would you do?  ... | Full Review...
The Sitter
Roger Longenbach |  Mar 28, 2012
Out on Blu-Ray is the 2011 movie produced and starring Jonah Hill, The Sitter.  The plot is very simple.  Jonah Hill plays Noah Griffith, a college student dropout who is coaxed into babysit... | Full Review...
The Muppets
Roger Longenbach |  Mar 24, 2012
After a hiatus of twelve years since their last widespread theatrical movie, the Muppets returned to the big screen in late 2011.  From an idea hatched by Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, ... | Full Review...
The Cabin In The Woods
Roger Longenbach |  Mar 11, 2012
Much like homage to the classic Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods is best explained as their own tagline describes: People go to a cabin in the woods.  Bad things happen.  But the movie is much ... | Full Review...
Real Steel
Roger Longenbach |  Jan 25, 2012
Real Steel Blu-ray Is chock full of extras. | Full Review...
In Time
Roger Longenbach |  Jan 12, 2012
When I first saw the trailer for In Time, I could only think, "Oh, look at this, they're remaking Logan's Run."  In a way, that's true: for the basic premise of the stage in this film.&... | Full Review...
The Rocketeer
Roger Longenbach |  Dec 12, 2011
Disney's Rocketeer 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray is no Captain America. | Full Review...

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