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The Night Of
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Oct 21, 2016
The Night Of  is a hard look at the judicial system, The New York Police Department, Rikers Island Penitentiary and racism in the United States. | Full Review...
The Pickle Recipe
Judith Raymer |  Oct 21, 2016
Magda Evolved, Rabbi Ted & a Hose Down….A Pun-ful Pickle | Full Review...
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Jennifer Broderick |  Oct 20, 2016
There is cohesive synergy between the cast.  Cruise, Smulders, and Yarosh make a great threesome- all exploring new aspects of individual relationships that really give the movie depth. | Full Review...
American Pastoral
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Oct 20, 2016
As a first effort, McGregor’s directorial debut is lacking, but perhaps he chose to bite off a huge chunk by taking on a literary masterpiece.  | Full Review...
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Jennifer Broderick |  Oct 18, 2016
Alice Through the Looking Glass is a little busy and there is a lot going on, but there is so much origin presented that all the detail is worth watching. | Full Review...
Cafe Society
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Oct 18, 2016
Woody Allen has a way of capturing the tone and essence of whatever setting and time period he is highlighting and transports the viewer seamlessly into that world. | Full Review...
Ice Age: Collision Course
Jennifer Broderick |  Oct 17, 2016
The public has demanded it and 20th Century Fox has delivered. Yes, Scrat and his acorn are back. Finally. | Full Review...
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Oct 14, 2016
Joshy is a little underwhelming when you first watch it, but the more you think about it and let it marinate, it tends to grow on you.  | Full Review...
American Horror Story: Hotel
Sean Ferguson |  Oct 14, 2016
If you’re a fan of horror films and haven’t seen any of the American Horror Story series then you really need to catch up! And if you’re a fan of the series, this set is a must-have! | Full Review...
X-Men: First Class
Jennifer Broderick |  Oct 12, 2016
The advancement of 4K technology has truly enhanced the video viewing concept especially for a film like this one. | Full Review...

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