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Empire: The Complete Second Season
Allison Rose | Sep 26, 2016
The cast is outstanding and Terrence Howard is a force to be reckoned with.
Full Review | Grade: B
Nathan M Rose | Sep 26, 2016
The true hero of Warcraft is the amazing special effect work done by Industrial Light and Magic with the motion capture and the landscape of the realm of Azeroth.
Full Review | Grade: C
Beauty and the Beast: 25th Anniversary Edition
Allison Rose | Sep 23, 2016
By Disney standards, Beauty and the Beast is a standout.  The hour and a half movie has it all.
Full Review | Grade: B
Grey’s Anatomy - What Will Season 13 Bring Us?
Jennifer Broderick | Sep 22, 2016
Many questions remain unsolved in the Season 13 premiere.
Full Review | Grade: B
The Magnificent Seven
Allison Rose | Sep 22, 2016
The Magnificent Seven is an entertaining film with a mix of action, drama, and comedy.
Full Review | Grade: B
Aliens: 30th Anniversary Edition
Jennifer Broderick | Sep 21, 2016
The transfer is the exact same one that was in the Alien Anthology release... so if you are expecting a different viewing experience than before you will be somewhat disappointed.
Full Review | Grade: B
Free State of Jones
Allison Rose | Sep 20, 2016
McConaughey’s charm is one of the positive aspects of the film and it is easy to see how he could command a group of disheartened people and get them to band together to fight back. 
Full Review | Grade: B
Bridget Jones's Baby
Allison Rose | Sep 15, 2016
This latest installment of Bridget Jones was a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.
Full Review | Grade: B
Sean Ferguson | Sep 14, 2016
Marauders doesn’t take advantage of its availability of Bruce Willis. I had hoped that his role in the film would be much bigger and it wouldn’t rely so heavily on Christopher Meloni.
Full Review | Grade: D
The Conjuring 2
Sean Ferguson | Sep 13, 2016
I have to give up props to Director James Wan for taking this story and not chopping it down to a cheesy 90-minute scare-gag fest with cats jumping out to scare teenagers.
Full Review | Grade: C

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