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Warm Bodies
John Delia |  Jan 31, 2013
A nice job with a Romeo and Juliet theme, Warm Bodies shows what a imaginative writer/director can do with a zombie love story.  The slick little romancer creates fun out of terror and sends a lo...
Stand Up Guys
John Delia |  Jan 30, 2013
Stand Up Guys Is A fun film featuring some of my favorite good “bad guys”.
Bullet to the Head
John Delia |  Jan 30, 2013
Bullet To The Head's Story and acting never rises above average.
Chris Rebholz |  Jan 28, 2013
"Parker" is quite the conundrum. It's not bizarre enough in visuals to be unique, nor is it edited flashily enough to be contemporary. It's not overly violent, exploitive, gratuitous...
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Nathan M Rose |  Jan 25, 2013
Hollywood, of late, seems to be running to the safety of classics to help churn out a collection of new flicks to entertain the masses. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters epitomizes the trend. Based loo...
Broken City
John Delia |  Jan 18, 2013
Broken City Is A fairly good crime thriller but needs some fresh creativity.
The Last Stand
John Delia |  Jan 17, 2013
The Last Stand Is A very exciting action film for adult viewing.
Gangster Squad
John Delia |  Jan 10, 2013
Awkward acting and hackneyed scenes dampen the Gangster Squad.
Promised Land
Chris Rebholz |  Jan 06, 2013
Promised Land, Gus Van Sant's gentle but knowing natural gas drama, is concerned with the tension between long-term environmental costs and short-term financial gain. Set in small-town Pennsylvani...
Zero Dark Thirty
John Delia |  Jan 03, 2013
Zero Dark Thirty Is A brilliant piece of work that has a no holds barred attitude when it comes to t

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