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Taken 3
Nathan M Rose | Apr 07, 2015
I was a huge fan of the original Taken film, but this film just does not hold any emotional sway over me.
Full Review | Grade: C
Furious 7
Allison Rose | Apr 03, 2015
Furious 7 is everything you would expect from the Fast and Furious franchise and so much more.  Once again "the family" needs to pull together to fight against others who want...
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Mar 26, 2015
For the kids, Home is a cute movie with a main character you want to squeeze and some nice songs. It certainly won’t be an epic or memorable animated film in the long run, but for a family day at the movies, you could do worse.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Mar 13, 2015
Cinderella is family friendly fare that is worth the price of admission.
Full Review | Grade: B
Exodus: Gods and Kings
Allison Rose | Mar 13, 2015
Sadly, the cast, scenery and extras can’t save this film or Director Scott. This was indeed a bold project that unfortunately falls short of the past versions.
Full Review | Grade: C
Hot Tub Time Machine 2
Sean Ferguson | Feb 20, 2015
"You don't need money, don't take fameDon't need no credit card to ride this trainIt's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimesbut it might...
Full Review | Grade: B
Fifty Shades of Grey
Allison Rose | Feb 13, 2015
Fifty Shades of Grey is better than I expected after seeing the trailers but it certainly won’t be winning any awards.
Full Review | Grade: C
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Allison Rose | Feb 11, 2015
With great acting and an interesting plot, Kingsman had the potential of being a truly great film and, while it is fun, enjoyable and entertaining, it falls short of being iconic.
Full Review | Grade: B
Nathan M Rose | Jan 15, 2015
One can only shake their head and hope Michael Mann just had a bad year filming Blackhat and he will go back to creating amazing films in the future, because this film does not deserve to be in his filmography.
Full Review | Grade: D
Into The Woods
Allison Rose | Dec 24, 2014
Overall, a great way to spend a Christmas day with the family and certainly worth the price of admission.
Full Review | Grade: B

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