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Officer Down
Chris Rebholz |  Feb 22, 2013
It's hard to say what type of film "Officer Down" wants to be, but it doesn't appear particularly successful on any front. Part cop drama, part whodunit, with a dusting of action dynamic... | Full Review...
John Delia |  Feb 21, 2013
Snitch Is A very good action drama with an important lesson to be learned. | Full Review...
Beautiful Creatures
John Delia |  Feb 14, 2013
Beautiful Creatures Will Bewitch Young Audiences. | Full Review...
A Good Day to Die Hard
John Delia |  Feb 14, 2013
Die Hard's Over The Top Action A Thrill To Adrenaline Junkies | Full Review...
Identity Thief
John Delia |  Feb 08, 2013
.'Identity Thief' - Good Acting Steals The Show In This Average Road Tripper | Full Review...
Side Effects
John Delia |  Feb 07, 2013
Side Effect Is A very good mind game thriller that’s nicely acted. | Full Review...
Warm Bodies
John Delia |  Jan 31, 2013
A nice job with a Romeo and Juliet theme, Warm Bodies shows what a imaginative writer/director can do with a zombie love story.  The slick little romancer creates fun out of terror and sends a lo... | Full Review...
Stand Up Guys
John Delia |  Jan 30, 2013
Stand Up Guys Is A fun film featuring some of my favorite good “bad guys”. | Full Review...
Bullet to the Head
John Delia |  Jan 30, 2013
Bullet To The Head's Story and acting never rises above average. | Full Review...
Chris Rebholz |  Jan 28, 2013
"Parker" is quite the conundrum. It's not bizarre enough in visuals to be unique, nor is it edited flashily enough to be contemporary. It's not overly violent, exploitive, gratuitous... | Full Review...

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