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Going in Style
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Aug 01, 2017
While meant to be a comedy, this remake makes a statement regarding our elderly and how we treat them. After working all their lives, greed sees their pensions ripped out from under them and their social security isn’t enough for them to live on. | Full Review...
The Circle
Nathan M Rose |  Aug 01, 2017
Even though The Circle is work fiction its themes are extremely relevant in today's society. A society in which everyone shares and documents everything they do online for the world to see. | Full Review...
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Jul 29, 2017
Family drama usually makes for a good script and while Gifted is no exception, the cast is really what gives the movie its bite. If you like a good, heartfelt story, this is worth watching. | Full Review...
The Boss Baby
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Jul 27, 2017
Baldwin is perfect as the voice of the Boss Baby.  His deep vocal tones are authoritative and commanding, which make Boss Baby believable.  Kudrow and Kimmel have a soothing quality to their voices that make them great choices for the parents. | Full Review...
Warlock Collection
Leonard Buccellato |  Jul 25, 2017
I don’t know how many times I can say this but these Vestron Video releases are casting a spell on me | Full Review...
Resident Evil: Vendetta
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Jul 18, 2017
Fans of Resident Evil who enjoy the video game will love being enveloped once again in the game through this latest release.  The action, graphics and story are good enough to be included in the franchise.  And if you include yourself in that grouping then you should definitely invest in the 4K version. | Full Review...
Buster's Mal Heart
Jennifer Broderick |  Jul 17, 2017
Honestly my immediate first impression, I thought this was a strange movie but I stuck it out and was absolutely blown away by the storyline.  Buster was a caring character, one I became invested in because I wanted him to have his land, get away from his nasty and mean mother-in-law, and get a job on the day shift. | Full Review...
Free Fire
Jennifer Broderick |  Jul 17, 2017
Free Fire is about 90 minutes, which is long enough to provide a cohesive storyline without making the audience glance at their watch.  The film is an entertaining light action flick to add to your collection. | Full Review...
Kong: Skull Island
Nathan M Rose |  Jul 17, 2017
Hiddleston’s, Larson’s, Goodman’s, and castaway John C. Reilly’s (Wreck-It Ralph) performances help ground the film in our world while Jackson’s character’s  personal struggle with Kong echoes back to Captain Ahab and his “to-the-death” fight with the whale Moby Dick. | Full Review...
Song to Song
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Jul 12, 2017
Malick has a distinct eye and his visuals are unique and interesting....His knack for creating the electric sexual undercurrent throughout the film should be commended.  While we rarely see an actual lovemaking scene, the smallest of glances and touches ignite the screen. | Full Review...

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