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Love, Gilda
Allison Skornick-Rose |  Sep 20, 2018
Love, Gilda showcases her talent and reminds us all why we fell in love with her in the first place. | Full Review...
Supergirl: The Complete Third Season
Jennifer Broderick |  Sep 19, 2018
Supergirl Season Three is a concise and thoughtful storyline that was easy to follow and an ending that was clear to the audiences that Supergirl will return for a Fourth season. | Full Review...
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Nathan M Rose |  Sep 18, 2018
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a very bold film, that is the second best in the series. If you are a fan of the series or just really well-made films I highly suggest you pick up a copy of it on 4K UHD. To quote the infamous John  Hammond - “They spared no expense”. | Full Review...
Modern Family: The Complete Ninth Season
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 13, 2018
With Season Ten most likely to be its last, Modern Family has offered us numerous laughs throughout the years and reliving them is typically an enjoyable experience. | Full Review...
Ocean's 8
Nathan M Rose |  Sep 13, 2018
Ocean's 8 is a solid reboot with an amazing cast that looks like they had a great time on and off the set. The women are sharp and at no time will one be bored with this film. The only glaring omission is the stylization that was almost a character unto itself in the past Oceans films. | Full Review...
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 11, 2018
What makes Tag work is the chemistry between these actors.  It is easy to believe they have been lifelong friends and generally really enjoy each other’s company. | Full Review...
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 06, 2018
For the average moviegoer or for fans of Jennifer Garner Peppermint doesn't go far enough to offer a worthwhile experience. I don't think we will see a sequel coming down the road for this one and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. | Full Review...
Lucifer: The Complete Third Season
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 06, 2018
It will be interesting to see how Lucifer might change with its new home at Netflix and fewer episodes.  While only time will tell as to how it will fare in the future, Fans can delight in rewatching the latest season now on DVD. | Full Review...
Bad Boys / Bad Boys II - Set
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 04, 2018
While the stories aren’t unique, Michael Bay’s interesting directing style and the exceptional quality of these Blu-rays alone makes this Bad Boys 4K UHD set worth owning. | Full Review...
The Flash: The Complete Fourth Season
Jennifer Broderick |  Aug 30, 2018
The Flash is one of the best television shows today.  The writers bring consistent storylines.  The acting is natural as if the characters are letting the audience into their lives. | Full Review...

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