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We Bought A Zoo
John Delia |  Dec 22, 2011
We Bought A Zoo Is An Inspirational Film For the Whole Family. | Full Review...
The Adventures of Tintin
John Delia |  Dec 21, 2011
Making the most of the animation called performance capture Steven Spielberg creates a wonderful kid adventure with The Adventures of Tintin.  The veritable rollercoaster ride of a film is even m... | Full Review...
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
John Delia |  Dec 20, 2011
The mystery and suspense in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo gets menacing giving audiences an unsuspected thriller.  I liked this version over the foreign release of the movie in 2010 because it'... | Full Review...
Young Adult
John Delia |  Dec 15, 2011
Take two aspirins and go to bed, a great remedy for Young Adult, an over stated understatement that never gets entertaining.  Billed as a comedy, the more the cast tries to make it one, the lesse... | Full Review...
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
John Delia |  Dec 15, 2011
Sherlock Holmes: A Games of Shadows Offers Another Fine Adventure. | Full Review...
Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol
Marco Chacon |  Dec 15, 2011
Some day Tom Cruise will be too old to reprise Ethan Hunt, the Team Leader for the Impossible Mission Force.   I wondered if the 49-year-old Cruise was there already; but there was no need to won... | Full Review...
The Sitter
Chris Rebholz |  Dec 11, 2011
The Sitter is a character in search of a movie, a setup in search of a punch line. | Full Review...
Arthur Christmas
Chris Rebholz |  Nov 27, 2011
Arthur Christmas is a great holiday film for the new and old generations. It's a movie that kids can watch with their parents and grandparents and everybody will laugh and enjoy it. It has something f... | Full Review...
John Delia |  Nov 23, 2011
Director Martin Scorsese takes his audience on a magical ride through a Paris train station in the adventurous tale Hugo. Graced with an amazing cast that makes his wonderful characters come alive, it... | Full Review...
A Dangerous Method
Chris Rebholz |  Nov 22, 2011
David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method is a film that grows on you the more you think about it; even considering the filmmaker's recent efforts, it is a picture that you keep waiting to get goi... | Full Review...

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