Sex and The City (2008)

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Released:  Friday, May 30, 2008  
Length:  135 minutes
Studio: New Line Cinema
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Sex and The City is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of AmericaUnder 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.


Sex and The City © New Line Cinema. All Rights Reserved.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon reprise their roles from the original HBO series on the big screen. Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) also joins the cast of the film and will play Carrie Bradshaw's assistant, a new character to be introduced in the film.

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Sex and The City DVD Review

Ever since the show ended on HBO, I have been waiting to hear if the movie would indeed come to fruition. Some of the actresses were on board and others were not. Four years later, everyone came together, however, and created a film that picked up right where the series left off.

First things first...Big and Carrie:  It was great to see that these two were still together and happy after all these years.  But what would their relationship be without the usual drama?  The couple decided to get married; and at the very last moment, Big backs out. He doesn't show up for the wedding.  He realizes, too late, however, that he is making a terrible mistake; and, of course, he should marry Carrie.  When the two meet up, a huge fight ensues, and ends the relationship right then and there.

Previous to the wedding, and all of the drama, you get into the back story of what's been going on with Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha over the past few years as well...Miranda is still married to Steve, but has fallen into a rut. Work and life, in general, is taking over and her marriage suffers for it.  After months of them having no sex, she finds out Steve has cheated on her.  Although Steve is devastated that he could hurt his wife this way, Miranda doesn't want to hear anything about it, and she leaves him.  Charlotte, the princess of the group, has found her marriage to Harry to be perfectly wonderful.  She even gets pregnant, which she was told would be a near impossibility.  The two already had a beautiful little girl that they had adopted, and now this miracle has occurred for them.  Charlotte fears that her life is so perfect that something will go wrong with her pregnancy and begins to be over cautious in everything that she does.  Samantha is now Smith's agent and living in Los Angeles.  She still loves her man, but finds it increasingly difficult to make her whole life circle around him, as well as, having him be the only man in her life – for the rest of her life. 

The girls, now in their forties, have matured a bit, but are still basically the same deep down.   They are still always there for each other through both good and bad times.  It's interesting to see how everyone reacts to each personal dilemma on hand.  After Big jilts Carrie, the girls whisk off to Mexico on what was to be Carrie and Big's Honeymoon trip.  While Carrie is devastated, the others try to raise her spirits and eventually she comes through it all and wakes up from her depressed stupor.  In the case of the other broken heart in the group, the girls try to convince Miranda that she should talk to Steve and try to forgive him.  She won't hear of it, however, and continues missing Steve, but can't help feeling so betrayed.  Charlotte finally realizes that she is being silly and that she can't stop living her life and living in fear over what may or may not happen during her pregnancy.  Samantha continues to live her life for Smith, until one night, after over doing it with a Valentine's Day surprise, decided that this really isn't the person she wants to be.

The film certainly felt like the show again... drama, laughter, crazy, yet hilarious accidents.  The one thing that tied it all together was the friendship that these women have shared throughout the years.  Once again, they helped each other get through the toughest time of their lives.  Carrie and Big do end up together (of course), this time, not being so concerned about a wedding, and focusing more on just the two of them.  Miranda decides to forgive Steve, and they begin the long process of building trust and making their marriage work again.  Charlotte has her beautiful baby, with no complications; and Samantha tearfully leaves Smith and goes back to being the man eater she was all along.  Finally, everything is right in the Sex and the City world. 

The film is presented in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with great contrast ratios. The extras on the one disc edition are a bit slim, only including the commentary by director Michael Patrick King, and a digital download of the film.  If you are a huge fan of Sex and The City Series and film, I recommend checking into the special edition DVD or the Blu-ray for a complete set of special features.

All in all, Sex and The City: The Movie is a great ending to the series. No disappointments and nothing out of the ordinary for the girls.  It continued the same tone of the television show with great fashion, great dialog, over-the-top outrageous sex scenes, and most importantly, the friendship of these women.


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