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Black or White
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  May 12, 2015
Whichever the reason Black or White simply wasn’t as successful as perhaps it could have been and, between the storyline and the talent, it is a shame it won’t be a more memorable movie. | Full Review...
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Nathan M Rose |  May 01, 2015
The studio to finally take stock and possibly figure out that Marvel worked a lot better when it was the director making the decisions for the creative path of the film, and not executives wondering which power tie looks best at a meetings. | Full Review...
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Apr 30, 2015
Claire Bennett (Jenifer Aniston; Friends, Horrible Bosses) is in a lot of pain.  Continual, excruciating pain.  Physical pain, mental pain and, most importantly, emotional pain.  She do... | Full Review...
Inherent Vice
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Apr 29, 2015
Inherent vice: noun Hidden defect (or the very nature) of a good or property which of itself is the cause of (or contributes to) its deterioration, damage, or wastage. Based on the nove... | Full Review...
The Mentalist: The Complete Seventh Season
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Apr 28, 2015
The award winning series, The Mentalist, ended its seven season run this spring and is out on DVD this week.  For fans of the show this short season wraps up the series with a neat little bow.&nb... | Full Review...
The Age of Adaline
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Apr 23, 2015
From the trailers I decided I wanted to see Age of Adaline.   It looked mildly interesting, starred actors I typically liked, and wasn't the same old action adventure, sci-fi or romantic com... | Full Review...
The Pyramid
Nathan M Rose |  Apr 23, 2015
The Pyramid is an unfortunate film that should not have been made. | Full Review...
The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
Nathan M Rose |  Apr 20, 2015
.While the original Woman in Black was a genuinely creepy ghost story that had a defined beginning, middle, and end, The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death seemed like a quick money grab by the studios that ultimately failed. | Full Review...
The Longest Ride
Judith Raymer |  Apr 10, 2015
If grey is too gloomy for you, try 50 (or 100) Shades of Blush.  I did! But, before we get to those hot and glistening details...What you need to know about Nicholas Sparks' latest novel turn... | Full Review...
Taken 3
Nathan M Rose |  Apr 07, 2015
I was a huge fan of the original Taken film, but this film just does not hold any emotional sway over me. | Full Review...

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