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The Intern
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 24, 2015
The Intern certainly isn’t going to win any major awards, but it is a light hearted, fun look at retirement and the generation gap. | Full Review...
Emily Hazlett |  Sep 21, 2015
I would recommend this live action version of Cinderella to any die hard Disney fan...My only criticism is that some parts seemed a bit hokey, but no more than any other fairytale film you watch. | Full Review...
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 21, 2015
While the concept of Blindspot is somewhat familiar, the addition of the mysterious tattoos makes it a little unique.  I was intrigued enough to be entertained for the hour and am curious enough to want to see what happens in episode two.  | Full Review...
Homeland: The Complete Fourth Season
Nathan M Rose |  Sep 21, 2015
While Homeland Season four is a nice reinvention of the series, and in my opinion the strongest of the seasons, unfortunately, it’s Blu-ray release just doesn’t do it justice. Hopefully Season 5’s home entertainment release will make-up for it in 2016. | Full Review...
Pitch Perfect 2
Victoria L Hanson |  Sep 21, 2015
Overall, I loved the Pitch Perfect 2 and would recommend it to anyone who loves music, especially A Cappella performances.  The plot was interesting and the songs were terrific.  The Finale was truly special and touching and added to the brilliance of the whole film. | Full Review...
Black Mass
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 17, 2015
Black Mass isn’t a docudrama, nor is it a “gangster” film; and, as a straightforward drama it just isn’t all that strong. | Full Review...
The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Eighth Season
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Sep 14, 2015
The Big Bang Theory has a lot of life left in it and it will be interesting to see how they manage to continue the momentum. | Full Review...
Gotham: The Complete First Season
Maureen Buccellato |  Sep 14, 2015
The show itself is dark, and accurately portrays Gotham as a town overrun by various mob organizations. I was definitely left wanting more and the series finale leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat. | Full Review...
Paul Kates |  Sep 13, 2015
For me, after a year that promised so much and has given so little, it’s refreshing to walk out after seeing a movie and wanting to see it again. Legend is the best film I’ve seen this year. | Full Review...
Supernatural Season Ten
Nathan M Rose |  Sep 12, 2015
Now entering it’s 11th season, Supernatural, by this time, is critic proof. Saying that, I really still enjoyed Season 10 of the show, and it’s presentation on Blu-ray Combo Pack is top notch. Supernatural still probably has another 2-3 years before it has stayed out it’s welcome. | Full Review...

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