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John Delia |  Apr 19, 2013
The opening sequence in the movie Oblivion is spectacular showing Earth as a devastated planet and the moon busting apart following an attack by an alien invasion. Well acted by a handful of cast memb... | Full Review...
John Delia |  Apr 12, 2013
42 Is A very good film that shows greatness on the part of both black and white. | Full Review...
Paul Kates |  Apr 10, 2013
I must admit to not having looked forward to a single Danny Boyle film in recent years. I enjoyed his films that were more rough-cut, like Trainspotting,Shallow Grave and 28 Days Later,... | Full Review...
On The Road
John Delia |  Apr 08, 2013
On The Road Is An extremely good movie for film buffs and indie lovers. | Full Review...
John Delia |  Apr 05, 2013
No Is A very good message fuels this fine film. | Full Review...
Evil Dead
John Delia |  Apr 04, 2013
Evil Dead Is A scary blood fest of evil and debauchery. | Full Review...
The Host
John Delia |  Mar 28, 2013
The Host Is A very good fantasy flick for teens and twenties. | Full Review...
G.I. Joe: The Retaliation
Roger Longenbach |  Mar 28, 2013
Ignore these story flaws and you still have a solid action film. | Full Review...
Olympus Has Fallen
John Delia |  Mar 22, 2013
Olympus Has Fallen - One of the best action films this year | Full Review...
Spring Breakers
John Delia |  Mar 21, 2013
'Spring Breakers' Gratuitous, Gross. | Full Review...

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