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Camelot (2011)

Created By: 
Air Date:  Friday, February 25, 2011  
Studio: Starz Media
Genre: Television
Rating: Camelot is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America

Camelot Synopsis

Camelot © Starz Media. All Rights Reserved.

In the wake of King Uther’s sudden death, chaos threatens to engulf Britain. When the sorcerer Merlin has visions of a dark future, he installs the young and impetuous Arthur, Uther’s unknown son and heir, who has been raised from birth as a commoner. But Arthur’s cold and ambitious half sister Morgan will fight him to the bitter end, summoning unnatural forces to claim the crown in this epic battle for control. These are dark times indeed for the new king, with Guinevere being the only shining light in Arthur’s harsh world. Faced with profound moral decisions, and the challenge of uniting a kingdom broken by war and steeped in deception, Arthur will be tested beyond imagination. Forget everything you think you know…this is the story of Camelot that has never been told before.

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Starz Camelot Canceled  6/30/2011 4:54 PM EST
Sad news for "Camelot" fans. Starz has announced today that the network has decided to cancel the show.Productions challenges and scheduling conflicts are said to be reason behind the decision. The show, which was shot in Ireland, stars Joseph Feinnes, Jamie Campbell Bower and Eva Green.Surprising news since the ratings seemed to be climbing in its final few episodes....  More>>

Get Ready For Staz's Camelot  4/1/2011 11:45 AM EST
Earlier this week, had the opportunity to be part of a conference call with the executive producer and two of the stars of the upcoming new original series, Camelot, premiering April 1st on STARZ. It seems that every decade recently there has been another look at the legend of King Arthur.  In 1981, we were shown Excalibur, which followed Arthur from his conception to his death, al...  More>>

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