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John Delia |  Nov 27, 2013
Disney's Frozen A charming film that conjures up memories of Disney’s delightful past animated features. | Full Review...
The Delivery Man
John Delia |  Nov 21, 2013
A likeable little comedy that warms the heart. | Full Review...
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Paul Kates |  Nov 19, 2013
Great news for fans of The Hunger Games: the girl is on fire again and burning just as brightly as before. | Full Review...
Thor: The Dark World
Chris Rebholz |  Nov 08, 2013
Now that we're firmly into Phase Two of Marvel's plan for total cinema domination, the titles are coming thick and fast.The next Captain America (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) will be along in ... | Full Review...
Last Vegas
John Delia |  Oct 31, 2013
Last Vegas -- FINAL ANALYSIS: A very funny film for mostly the older crowd. | Full Review...
Ender's Game
John Delia |  Oct 31, 2013
Ender's Game A good teen targeted film for both male and female audiences. | Full Review...
The Counselor
John Delia |  Oct 24, 2013
The Counselor Is Not one of Ridley’s best efforts. | Full Review...
Escape Plan
John Delia |  Oct 17, 2013
Sly and Arnold work up a sweat and then it's over. | Full Review...
Captain Phillips
John Delia |  Oct 11, 2013
A Compelling Film Worthy of Oscar Consideration | Full Review...
Paul Kates |  Oct 08, 2013
If ever there was a film aptly named it has to be Filth, director Jon S. Baird's adaptation of the novel by Irving Welsh.The film starts with Bruce Robinson (James McAvoy, Trance, X-Men: First Class),... | Full Review...

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