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The Raid: Redemption
John Delia |  Apr 12, 2012
The Raid: Redemption Is A film for adrenaline seekers and the curious. | Full Review...
John Delia |  Apr 12, 2012
Lockout is a good sci-fi attempt falls short. | Full Review...
American Reunion
John Delia |  Apr 06, 2012
American Reunion -- I say give the guys another look-see, you won’t be disappointed. | Full Review...
Mirror Mirror
Paul Kates |  Mar 29, 2012
In 1937, the genius that was Walt Disney, released what was to become an all-time classic, the first full-length, animated feature film, Snow White. No doubt this was a movie that has stood the test o... | Full Review...
Wrath of the Titans
John Delia |  Mar 29, 2012
. | Full Review...
The Hunger Games
Nathan M Rose |  Mar 22, 2012
Typically, when a film is hyped up to the point of almost being a religious experience, it will fail to meet expectations; and only the die-hard fans will like a film despite its flaws.  However,... | Full Review...
Jeff, Who Lives at Home
John Delia |  Mar 16, 2012
This fun film comes out of left field changing wacky into wow.  The movie is called Jeff, Who Lives at Home and stars Jason Segel in a role not too unfamiliar for him.  The cool thing about ... | Full Review...
Seeking Justice
Eric English |  Mar 15, 2012
In the gritty underbelly of "post-Katrina" New Orleans, crime is rampant. There are those on both sides of the law, and some who subscribe to neither. The levees are repaired but the heart a... | Full Review...
Chris Rebholz |  Mar 13, 2012
As much as "Moneyball" wasn't about baseball, "Goon" isn't really about the game of hockey. | Full Review...
The Cabin In The Woods
Roger Longenbach |  Mar 11, 2012
Much like homage to the classic Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods is best explained as their own tagline describes: People go to a cabin in the woods.  Bad things happen.  But the movie is much ... | Full Review...

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