Nikita (2010)

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Air Date:  Thursday, September 9, 2010  
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Television
Rating: Nikita is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America


Killer-for-hire Nikita (Maggie Q) owes her life to a secret U.S. government agency called Division, but her gratitude turns to lethal bitterness when she realizes that her employers have cynically betrayed her. After years underground, Nikita emerges and initiates her plan to expose the agency's illegal covert operations. But standing in her way is a new crew of Division-trained assassins, all equally determined to protect those same secrets.

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CW's Nikita Coming to an End  5/16/2013 2:44 PM EDT
The CW has announced today that they will be ending their spy drama, "Nikita", after its next 6 episodes.The show follows a woman who is on the run for a murder she didn't commit.  She spends her time trying to clear her name as well as sparing the people in her life. The pickup of 6 more episodes were so that the show could get a proper wrap up."Nikita" has performed well as far as digital play i...  More>>

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