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Brian Skornick |  Dec 25, 2016
If you are looking for a lighthearted film this holiday season, Fences would not be a good choice.
Why Him?
Allison Skornick-Rose |  Dec 22, 2016
There is nothing new or earth shattering about Why Him? The story has been told a thousand times before and I’m sure this isn’t the last time we will see it.
Javier Conte |  Dec 21, 2016
Sing had its moments, but it never really rose above being anything more than passable.
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Dec 21, 2016
Natalie Portman is good as Mrs. Kennedy but she seems to get in her own way. 
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Dec 20, 2016
With minimal cast members, the main actors had to be chosen wisely...Lawrence and Pratt were excellent options as they truly meet both criteria.
Nathan M Rose |  Dec 20, 2016
Rob Zombie enjoys to work with actors he has used in the past and 31 is no exception.
Jennifer Broderick |  Dec 19, 2016
Sully is a captivating story - not about the landing- but about the man who landed the plane.
The Complete Fourteenth Season
Maureen Buccellato |  Dec 19, 2016
Family Guy has everything the world needs- politically incorrect, dysfunctional family- the way we think our lives really are.
Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box Limited Edition Trilogy
Leonard Buccellato |  Dec 19, 2016
Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box truly has such sights to show you, it will take weeks to get through it all!
Jennifer Broderick |  Dec 19, 2016
We all have some explaining to do, because in the Warner Bros. movie, Storks, they don’t deliver babies – they deliver packages.  

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