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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Jennifer Broderick | Oct 20, 2016
There is cohesive synergy between the cast.  Cruise, Smulders, and Yarosh make a great threesome- all exploring new aspects of individual relationships that really give the movie depth.
Full Review | Grade: B
American Pastoral
Allison Rose | Oct 20, 2016
As a first effort, McGregor’s directorial debut is lacking, but perhaps he chose to bite off a huge chunk by taking on a literary masterpiece. 
Full Review | Grade: C
Deepwater Horizon
Allison Rose | Sep 29, 2016
Russell is solid as the man in charge of a well-run ship and Wahlberg is a wonder that can go from comedy to real life drama in the blink of an eye.
Full Review | Grade: B
The Magnificent Seven
Allison Rose | Sep 22, 2016
The Magnificent Seven is an entertaining film with a mix of action, drama, and comedy.
Full Review | Grade: B
Bridget Jones's Baby
Allison Rose | Sep 15, 2016
This latest installment of Bridget Jones was a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.
Full Review | Grade: B
Who Gets the Dog?
Jennifer Broderick | Sep 12, 2016
Silverstone and Kwanten are spectacular.  Their chemistry is unmistakable and their lines are delivered with precision and emotion, without over-dramatization.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Sep 08, 2016
Tom Hanks was fantastic as the stoic pilot turned reluctant hero whose brave decision saved hundreds of lives.
Full Review | Grade: B
The Light Between Oceans
Allison Rose | Sep 01, 2016
With a compelling story and well-written script, The Light Between Oceans flows beautifully, barely making the audience aware it is over 2 hours long.
Full Review | Grade: B
Little Men
Allison Rose | Aug 22, 2016
While only an hour and a half long, Little Men is packed full of meaning and emotions. 
Full Review | Grade: B
Judith Raymer | Aug 18, 2016
Then, there are the action scenes.  Intense.  At times, gruesomely violent almost to the point of caricature, but Timur Bekmambetov pulls back just in time.
Full Review | Grade: B
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