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We're the Millers
John Delia |  Aug 07, 2013
We're The Millers Is A high octane comedy that’s ridiculous and I mean that in a good way.
2 Guns
John Delia |  Aug 01, 2013
2 Guns Is A hot summer action winner with a dream cast.
Paul Kates |  Jul 30, 2013
Director Steven Knight's Redemption (Hummingbird in the UK) sees Jason Statham in the lead role of Joey Jones. Jones is a former Royal Marine commando who, on a tour in Afghanistan, too...
Fruitvale Station
John Delia |  Jul 29, 2013
Fruitvale Station cuts with a broad passionate sword using a familiar message.
The Wolverine
John Delia |  Jul 25, 2013
The Wolverine Is A slicing story that needs an edit and a more innovative ending.
Red 2
John Delia |  Jul 20, 2013
The raging action comedy Red 2 comes to theaters, but its Catherine Zeta-Jones and Helen Mirren that command the screen.  While the whole crew is back for a second dip into the world of Internati...
Grown Ups 2
John Delia |  Jul 11, 2013
It's a hilarious bunch of nonsense called Grown Ups 2 that follows its previous hilarious bunch of nonsense.  If you like Adam Sandler's wacky comedy style that mostly works with sight ga...
Pacific Rim
John Delia |  Jul 11, 2013
Pacific Rim Is Another action packed thriller that may seem a little too familiar.
Despicable Me 2
John Delia |  Jul 03, 2013
They're back again those funny characters that make the animated film Despicable Me 2 a hilarious situation comedy that delivers the laughter.  I'm speaking of the pill shaped ‘work a bee's...
The Lone Ranger
John Delia |  Jul 03, 2013
Taking a chance on an old-timer favorite, producer and director Gore Verbinski brings a remake of The Lone Ranger to the big screen.  Loosely based on the 1956 movie starring Clayton Moore and Ja...

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