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Jul 12, 2010 01:56 PM EST

Hot Tub Time Machine Blu-ray Review

Hot Tub Time Machine Blu-ray Review
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The 1980s are back with a bang this summer as the quirky spring 2010 comedy hit, Hot Tub Time Machine, makes its way on DVD and Blu-ray.

The plot is so simplistic that it isn’t even funny; four pals are stuck in a rut in adulthood -- Adam (John Cusack, Grosse Pointe Blank, 2012) has just been dumped, Lou (Rob Corddry, Law and Order, W) is a hopeless party animal, Craig (Craig Robinson, Zack and Miri Make a Porno) is a whipped husband, and Jacob (Clark Duke, Kick-Ass) does nothing but play video games in his basement. But they get a chance to brighten their future by changing their past after a night of heavy drinking in a ski-resort hot tub results in their waking up in 1986.

The film is definitely a blast from the past starting with the 80’s hit, Turn up the Radio, by Autograph during the opening credits of the film. As you can tell from the crazy photographs, this film is not there to test your intellect, but to actually let you laugh and forget the world for an hour and a half.

Actually, there really isn’t a real story. These guys are on one crazy trip to 1986’s Winterfest where they get to relive their glory days, do drugs, try to make some money betting on the future, and occasionally worry about getting back to the this decade.

The Director, Steve Pink, does a great job just like he did with Grosse Pointe Blank by giving us a taste of a decade long in our past. From the Gerry curl hair, to the loud pink shirts; this film makes you long for a time when life was much simpler.

The Blu-ray itself is presented in 1080p/AVC-encoded transfer that simply shines on your home theater. The blacks are picture perfect, and the colors really stand out.

The audio is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 which really packs a great punch with the background soundtrack. The soundtrack includes such bands as Poison, Dead or Alive, and Mötley Crüe.

The only area the Blu-ray is lacking is its special features. There is the now-standard, digital copy and then a small subset of features on the disc itself -- some minor deleted scenes, and a slew up of small theatrical promotional spots, including Production: Acting Like Idiots, Chevy Chase: The Nicest Guy in Hollywood, Totally Radical Outfits: Dayna Pink, and Crispin Glover: One Armed Bellhop. The special features could have been so much better if they had such things as a “Music of Hot Tub Time Machine” featurette or even the obligatory 15-minute fluff marketing piece that is usually found on most Blu-ray’s in production.

If you are an 80’s child missing his decade and looking for a hilarious Saturday night at home, then Hot Tub Time Machine is the Blu-ray for you!

A for content; D for special features. Overall -- B

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