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The Gifted (2017)


Created By: 
Air Date:  Monday, October 2, 2017  
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Television
Rating: The Gifted is rated TV-14This program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.

The Gifted Synopsis

Produced in association with Marvel Television, and set in the “X-Men” universe, family adventure series THE GIFTED tells the story of a suburban couple whose lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their teenage children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run, the family seeks help from an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive.

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Fox Cancels The Gifted After Two Seasons  4/18/2019 4:57 PM EST
Fox has decided not to renew its drama series, "The Gifted". The series was an X-Men spin-off and starred Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as a couple who find out their children have mutant powers and must deal with the dangers and consequences that they bring. Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White also starred in the show. It premiered in the fall of 2017.Despite positive critic reviews, the series...  More>>

The Gift: The Complete First Season DVD Review

The Gift: The Complete First Season DVD Review
Back in 2000 comic book films changed forever with the release of Brian Singer's (Bohemian Rhapsody) X-MEN film. The film was followed by two sequels, two Wolverine films, and a secondary trilogy that solidified its "cinematic universe".  Now the X-Men cinematic universe has come to television in the form of The Gifted.

Set in an alternate universe where the X-Men have disappeared the season one story focuses on the Strucker family as well as a team of mutant underground freedom fighters that are trying to help those with special abilities to not be taken by the government, who has now waged a full out war on mutant-kind. Broadcast in serial show format, The Gifted keeps you most certainly on the edge of your seat as much as any X-Men film would.

Season one of The Gifted is set in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Where the Strucker family's two teenage children, Lauren(Natalie Alyn Lind; The Golderbergs) and Andy (Percy Hynes White, Defiance) have just learned they have extraordinary powers. This, of course, puts the entire family in danger to the point that the government wants to lock them up. Coming to the rescue is the mutant underground led by Lorna Dane/Polaris (Emma Dumont; Aquarius), Eclipse (Sean Teale; Survivor), and John Proudstar(Blair Redford; The Day The Earth Stood Still). Together, they must all learn to survive in a world that is becoming more and more against mutants.

With a large ensemble cast, the show certainly has tons of characters to keep track of. However, with the pilot episode having been directed by the mastermind of the X-Men Universe, Bryan Singer, it firmly establishes the shows mythology and balance of screen time for many of the characters. While the focus is primarily on the two Strucker Children other characters get their chance to shine on screen, especially two you wouldn't think as likely since they do not have any powers - Reed Strucker( Stephen Moyer; True Blood) and Kate Strucker (Amy Acker; Angel). Coming in later to the show's thirteen episode run is Esme (Skyler Samuels; Nine Lives of Chloe King), who certainly adds an extra dynamic to certainly moving the plot along in new directions and foreshadowing much darker times ahead for this budding new show.

The Gifted season one comes to DVD in a three-disc package presented in 480p DVD quality with Dolby Digital 5.1audio. The picture quality is decent enough for DVD and looks much better than the compressed image that was shown during its original prime time television run. Faring much better is the audio since dialog is crisp and clear while the action is loud and makes great use of the sound speakers. 

The X-Men cinematic universe has no signs of slowing down (especially with the purchase of the franchise by The Walt Disney Company). The Gifted Season 2 is debuting this week as well as an X-Men: Dark Phoenix film in 2019. Until then, you can now relive the latest entry in the X-Men Universe over and over again from the comfort of your home either on 20th Century Fox DVD or Digital HD from your favorite online store. With Season one ending with a large cliffhanger, fans of the show will want to definitely tune in as the new seasons starts this fall.

Grade: B+


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