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Nathan M Rose | Aug 31, 2020
It is very hard for a film to succeed in every possible aspect of storytelling, but Tenet provides that for the viewer.
Full Review | Grade: B
The Personal History of David Copperfield
Allison Rose | Aug 28, 2020
Iannucci offers an interesting interpretation of this classic story, beginning with the casting.
Full Review | Grade: B
Bill & Ted Face the Music
Allison Rose | Aug 27, 2020
Winters has barely aged in the twenty-nine years since Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey was released but Reeves no longer fits the role of Ted very well.
Full Review | Grade: C
One Night In Bangkok
Allison Rose | Aug 25, 2020
Dacascos does a terrific job portraying Kai; a peaceful, gentle man who calculates and plans his vigilante justice against those whom he feels have wronged him and his family.
Full Review | Grade: C
Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons
Maureen Buccellato | Aug 20, 2020
Michael Chiklis (The Shield) voices the character of Slade Wilson, which is a good choice given Chiklis' previous roles as a tough guy on television and in film.
Full Review | Grade: B
Chemical Hearts
Allison Rose | Aug 20, 2020
Reinhart and Abrams were great casting choices and they bring depth and maturity to their roles.
Full Review | Grade: B
Words on Bathroom Walls
Allison Rose | Aug 19, 2020
Freudenthal takes a hard to understand mental illness and offers us a visual representation of it in an attempt to demystify the mystery of schizophrenia.
Full Review | Grade: B
The One and Only Ivan
Allison Rose | Aug 18, 2020
As with so many movies Disney releases, The One and Only Ivan has a lot of heart.
Full Review | Grade: B
Boys State
Allison Rose | Aug 14, 2020
Boys State takes a little time to get started but once it does it is engrossing, dynamic and well done.
Full Review | Grade: B
Project Power
Allison Rose | Aug 13, 2020
Netflix is known for quality productions and Project Power is no exception. The high definition video quality is impressive.
Full Review | Grade: B
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