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Blended Blu-ray Review

“Blended” is certainly no surprise story- a romantic comedy formula that is followed to the T - and the coincidences are a little too much to be believed. However, it is a fun, good time for all who watch it.
Blended Blu-ray Review
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Blended – I am not an Adam Sandler fan.  I have never seen "Happy Gilmore", "Billy Madison" or "The Wedding Singer" and I only got about 30 minutes through "Jack and Jill" before turning it off.   Based on my bias, while I liked "50 First Dates", I wasn't looking forward to sitting through the 117 minute running time of "Blended", the newest Sandler/Barrymore romantic comedy out now on Blu-ray and DVD.   My preconceived opinion couldn't have been more wrong.  "Blended" was a fun movie with cute moments, laugh out loud scenes, a few interesting Cameos and an overall good time.
Sandler plays Jim, a Dick's sporting good store manager, single father, raising three daughters as rough and tumble tomboy jocks.  Drew Barrymoore (50 First dates, E.T. the Extraterrestrial) plays Lauren, a working, single mom whose husband cheated on her with the receptionist.  These two go on a disasterous first date and vow never to see each other again only to find themselves in the same store one night and needing each others help.  When their credit cards get mixed up, Jim goes to Lauren's house to swap back and one coincidence after another later, they end up in the same hotel suite in Africa for a blended families getaway.
As they pretend to be a dysfunctional couple, everything you would expect to happen in this type of movie, happens.  Lauren helps Jim's oldest daughter to become more feminine; Jim helps Lauren's younger son improve his baseball game (a task Lauren's ex husband has not wanted to bother to take on), and Jim and Lauren end up not hating each other as much as they thought.  In the end, (not musch of a spoiler alert), the kids end up getting along and Lauren and Jim end up falling in love despite their best efforts.
While "Blended" has some cheesy, corny jokes and a singing group meant for comic relief that was more annoying than anything else, the movie had some great laughs and was overall entertaining.  Well placed cameos from Shaquille O'Neal (House Bunny) Terry Crews (Bridesmaids, Expendables), Wendi Mclendon-Covey (Bridesmaides) and  Kevin Nealon (Just Go with It, Weeds),  add to the hilarity as they play their parts beautifully.  Bella Thorne (Shake It Up) plays Jims oldest daughter and holds her own against these comedic veterans.  I love Sandler and Barrymore as a team and they prove once again why they should always make movies together.
The Blu-ray  extras are several short looks behind the scenes regarding the animals of Africa, the small town in Georgia where some of the scenes are shot, the relationship between Sandler and Barrymoore, parasailing and Thorne's transformation in the film.  The best extra is, of course, the gag reel with no shortage of laughs courtesy of not only Sandler but most of the rest of cast and crew as well.   The 1080p High definition video and DTS-HD master audio help bring the beautiful scenes shot in Africa to life and enhance the vacation spot experience for the viewer. 
 "Blended" is certainly no surprise story- a romantic comedy formula that is followed to the T - and the coincidences are a little too much to be believed.  However, it is a fun, good time for all who watch it.   Sandler/Barrymoore fans certainly won't be disappointed and others can find some humor in many of the scenes.  I recommend renting this movie on a stay home, rainy, Friday night and it is  a must purchase for true Sandler fan who wants his best stuff in their home Blu-ray library. 

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