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127 Hours Blu-ray Review

By Mar 10, 2011 11:58 AM EST
127 Hours is the true story of Aaron Ralston a man in love with nature and outdoor adventure. On one morning in the beautiful canyons of Utah Aaron's right arm becomes wedged a rock wall and a boulder. What comes next is a hard and harrowing look at a man who put his own needs first before those of everyone else, a man who kept everyone in his, everyone he ever met, at a distance and what comes from this horrifying situation is a touching, moving, and powerful drama.

James Franco stars as Aaron Ralston and a wonderful job he does of portraying him; the film is directed by Danny Boyle who many know also directed Slumdog Millionaire which was another amazing film. Since it hit theaters there has been a large buzz about the film. James Franco alone did amazing work with what was basically a solo performance from inside a crevice. He has proven over these last few years that he is a bright and talented star who knows not only how to bring a powerful performance but also when to step back from the "hype" of Hollywood and laugh at himself.

In the opening sequences we watch as Aaron prepares for an early departure on another of his hiking trips. While he drives out to his destination he makes recordings of where he is going and what he is doing. You can see from these shots that this is where his passion lies; navigating the pathways of nature, seeking adventure where ever it may be, this has been his calling since he was a small child. Once he sets out on his hike he bumps into two female back-packers who has lost their way, he offers to guide them back to the right path. Along the way they have some fun skinny dipping and exploring the deep recesses of the ravines. When they part ways the girl's remark on whether or not they will see him again and realize that while he may have helped them, they didn't have any effect on his choice of destination.

That moment hints at the larger picture to come later when Aaron becomes pinned against the boulder. Without any real means of freeing himself, Aaron starts making video dialogues of his progress trying to free himself. As his attempts become more and more unsuccessful, the dialogues become a look at the person Aaron truly is and what we see, as well as Aaron, is that he is someone who has lived his life totally devoid of any real human connection. His friends, lovers and even family have never been able to have any true impact on Aaron's life because he won't let them into any part of it.

What plays out over the roughly two hours of film is a deep and penetrating look into the person Aaron really is and what he comes to realize about himself. To say any more about what happens to him would take away from the powerful experience this film is, but needless to say it is worth every moment.

The movie dropped on Blu-ray bringing into homes a moving story. The film looks amazing on Blu-ray, the shots of the surrounding landscape in which the movie was shot look fantastic and while there are no big epic explosions in this film there are a few key moments where the clear and crisp sound quality really stands out. Along with a digital copy of the film there are a few extras for the movie lover to munch on, starting with a commentary from the director, producer and screen writer, deleted scenes, footage of the events that aided in the rescue of Aaron Ralston and finally a look at the collaboration between the actor and director.

127 Hours is perfect example of what happens when you combine good actors with exceptional directors.

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MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 95 minutes
Distributed By: Fox Searchlight Pictures

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