Going The Distance (2010)

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Released:  Friday, September 3, 2010  
Length:  109 minutes
Studio: New Line Cinema
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Going The Distance is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of AmericaUnder 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.


Going The Distance © New Line Cinema. All Rights Reserved.
Erin's (Drew Barrymore) wry wit and unfiltered frankness charm newly single Garrett (Justin Long) over beer, bar trivia and breakfast the next morning. Their chemistry sparks a full-fledged summer fling, but neither expects it to last once Erin heads home to San Francisco and Garrett stays behind for his job in New York City. But when six weeks of romping through the city inadvertently become meaningful, neither is sure they want it to end. And while Garrett's friends, Box (Jason Sudeikis) and Dan (Charlie Day), joke about his pre-flight calorie-cutting and his full-time relationship with his cell phone, they don't like losing their best drinking buddy to yet another rocky romance. At the same time, Erin's high-strung, overprotective married sister, Corrine (Christina Applegate), wants to keep Erin from heading down an all-too-familiar road. But despite the opposite coasts, the nay-saying friends and family, and a few unexpected temptations, the couple just might have found something like love, and with the help of a lot of texting, sexting and late-night phone calls, they might actually go the distance.

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Going The Distance Theatrical Review

If past history is anything that indicates the dog days of summer, it is when the films that did not make the summer blockbuster cut are dumped into theaters.

Most of these movies are throw-away movies and do not deserve a second look.  However, this year seems to be the exception with many great films coming at the end of summer, and "Going the Distance" is definitely one of them.

Going the Distance tells the story of Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) who try to successfully have a long-distance relationship.

Garrett and Erin meet at a bar and quickly realize that there is something between them.  Erin, however, will only be in New York City for the summer. She will eventually be returning to San Francisco to go to Grad School.  At the end of their six weeks together, they realize that they want to stay together and decide to give the "long-distance relationship-thing" a "go".  They feel they both have a handle on it at first, but then as the relationship progresses, they truly see how hard it can be to live so far apart and how difficult a meaningful long-distance relationship can be.

Dramedies, are typically cliché, and the comedy is very minor compared to the drama of the story.  However, Going the Distance takes this idea and throws it out the window!  

The cast is simply amazing.  Justin Long proves he can be a leading man in a film, and Drew Barrymore shows she can do comedy as well as she does drama.  Aside from the two main actors, the cast is rounded out by Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Ron Livingston, and Christina Applegate. These actors fit right in the story and provide great comic relief when needed, as well as helping to move the story along.
The director, Nanette Burstein (American Teen), keeps the story evenly paced; and before you realized it, the end credits were rolling, and you just had two hours of laugh-out-loud fun!  If you are looking for a fun time this holiday weekend at the movies, definitely go to see "Going the Distance".  It is a film that both you and your loved one will enjoy!


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