Shorts (2009) Blu-ray Review

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These days their are so many “kid-friendly” films released that it is hard to decide which ones to spend your hard-earned money on. One such release this year, Shorts, by director Robert Rodriquez (Spy Kids, Sin City), falls into this category; and it is definitely one of this year’s top.
In the little town of Black Falls, every house looks the same and almost everyone works for Black Box Unlimited Worldwide Industries, purveyors of a device that is sweeping the nation. Toe Johnson, 11, is unimpressed with the company and its wares; he just wants a few friends.  Then, a wish-granting rock falls from the sky changes everything.  Soon the town swarms with wishes gone amok, but the trouble really begins when adults get their hands on the rock.
As usual with any Robert Rodriquez film, the director contributed to the story, and produced this film, as well.  With Shorts, this synergy really shows with such a great attention to detail that would have been hard to accomplish without both being done by the same person.  The film’s clever use of “shorts” has caused it to be called, the Pulp Fiction for children; and it truly has earned that nickname.
Like most Warner Bros Blue-ray releases, Shorts is encoded with the latest VC-1 codec that is simply amazing.  The print is pristine, and the colors could not be matched better.  The film also sports a great Dolby Trued soundtrack that really pumps the film’s audio throughout your house.
If there were one downfall with this release, it would have to be the supplemental material that accompanies the feature. Aside from a short documentary (pun intended), there is a small segment of director Robert Rodriquez cooking “volcano cookies” with his daughter, and that really rounds up special features. Personally, I would have loved to see something more about how Robert Rodriquez came up with the idea for Shorts, its storyboards, and possibly even some more interviews the cast (adults included this time). Possibly Warner Bros is saving these features for the next release on Blue-ray 3D?
All in all, Shorts is a very entertaining release; and if you are looking for a film this holiday season for the entire family to enjoy after a full day of shopping, then Shorts is your answer.
Directed By:
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 89 minutes
Distributed By: Warner Bros.

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