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Revenge of The Nerds (1984)

Released:  Friday, July 20, 1984  
Length:  90 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Studios
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Revenge of The Nerds is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of AmericaUnder 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.


Geeky college students Gilbert (Anthony Edwards) and Lewis (Robert Carradine) are evicted from their dormitory when the Alpha Betas -- who recently burned down their own fraternity house by accident -- confiscate the building. When the college forces the freshmen to live in the gym, Gilbert, Lewis and their fellow dorks relocate to a run-down house. When the Alpha Betas, led by jock Stan (Ted McGinley), repeatedly humiliate them, the nerds plot revenge

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Seth MacFarlane Developing Revenge of the Nerds Reboot  12/16/2020 11:11 AM EST
Seth MacFarlane is currently developing a reboot of the classic 1980s comedy "Revenge of the Nerds". The film will take a different path than the original, and delve more into the nerd culture aspect in today's world. The original film starred Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, and Bernie Casey and was a classic tale of "nerds vs. jocks". Keith and Kenny Lucas will star in the film, ...  More>>

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