Godzilla Vs. Kong (2020)

Godzilla Vs. Kong  
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Released:  Friday, November 20, 2020  
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Rating: This Film Is Not Yet Rated


No synopsis available.

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Warner Bros. Announces New Release Dates for Upcoming Films  6/15/2020 3:53 PM EDT
Warner Bros. has announced some updates for their upcoming releases. Below are the new release dates for their films:"Tenet" moves from 07/17/20 to 07/31/20"Wonder Woman 1984" moves from 08/14/20 to 10/02/20"Witches" moves from 10/09/20 to UNSET"Godzilla vs. Kong" moves from 11/20/20 to 05/21/21"Tom & Jerry" moves from 12/23/20 to 03/05/21The Untitled "Matrix" Movie moves from 05/21/21 to 04/01/22...  More>>

Adam Wingard to Direct Godzilla vs. Kong  6/1/2017 1:59 PM EDT
Adam Wingard has been chosen to direct the upcoming film "Godzilla vs. Kong."  Wingard has previously directed "The Guest" and the "Blair Witch" reboot.The film will be written by Terry Rossio and will be one of a series of films the "MonsterVerse" franchise from Warner Bros.  They also have another film on the backburner, "Godzilla: King of the Monsters", which will star Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle ...  More>>

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The Godzilla movie was cool and the king movie was cool now I want to see them collide
11/7/2017 2:50 PM EDT

I hope Notary plays King again
6/15/2017 8:48 PM EDT

Can't wait
1/13/2016 3:05 PM EDT