Indiana Jones 5 (2020)

Indiana Jones 5 © Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.
Released:  Friday, July 10, 2020  
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: This Film Is Not Yet Rated


No synopsis available.
Indiana Jones 5 images are © Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.


Could We See a Female Indiana Jones in the Future?  4/5/2018 11:17 AM EDT
During a recent interview with Steven Spielberg, the director announced that there could be a female Indiana Jones in our future. Spielberg said that he would be interested in seeing the iconic character in "a different form" and when asked if that form could be a female, he said "We'd have to change the name from Jones to Joan. And there would be nothing wrong with that." The next installment of ...  More>>

Spielberg and Ford Reunite as Indiana Jones Returns to Theaters ...  3/15/2016 1:40 PM EDT
Indiana Jones will return to the big screen on July 19, 2019, for a fifth epic adventure in the blockbuster series. Steven Spielberg, who directed all four previous films, will helm the as-yet-untitled project with star Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role. Franchise veterans Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will produce."Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history, and ...  More>>

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If it's starring Harrison Ford, than it's all good.
12/29/2016 11:27 AM EDT

He Is I just saw it on the news, I just can't wait till it comes out.
3/15/2016 6:57 PM EDT

Harrison must play him
3/15/2016 2:27 PM EDT
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