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Homeland (2011)


Created By: 
Air Date:  Sunday, October 2, 2011  
Studio: Showtime Networks
Genre: Television
Rating: Homeland is rated for mature audiencesThis program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17.

Homeland Synopsis

Carrie Mathison (Golden Globe® winner Claire Danes), a brilliant but volatile CIA agent, suspects that a rescued American POW may not be what he seems. Is Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody_(Damian Lewis) a war hero...or an Al Qaeda sleeper agent plotting a spectacular terrorist attack on U.S. soil? Following her instincts, Mathison will risk everything to uncover the truth — her reputation, her career and even her sanity.

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Homeland's Eighth Season to Be Its Last  8/7/2018 2:07 PM EST
David Nevins, Showtime's president and CEO, announced today that the upcoming eighth season of Homeland will be its last. However, Nevins stressed that "It's not a cancellation". "Alex Gansa will be bringing his show to its proper conclusion," said Nevins. "I can't say how much it has meant to the acceleration of our brand and for me personally: It was the first series I greenlit."The show has ear...  More>>

Homeland Season 7 to be Filmed in Virginia  7/11/2017 1:44 PM EST
Showtime's hit drama Homeland will be entering its seventh season and now they have a new location that they will be filming in - Central Virgina. The show has been all over the place to film, with its first three seasons in North Carolina, followed by South Africa, Pakistan, Berlin and New York.  Homeland executive producer/showrunner Alex Gansa said, "We're thrilled to bring the production of Ho...  More>>

Homeland's Third Season to Bring About Changes  1/16/2013 5:03 PM EST
"Homeland", Showtime's hit drama, will return for a third season, and with some game changers.Producer Howard Gordon says "it is a little bit of a reset, it is really promising at the same time."  The "reset" will take place due to the events that will take place in the second season finale.  The season has received some complaints about the storyline with Brody's daughter as well certain plot twi...  More>>

Homeland: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-ray Review

Homeland: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-ray Review
From the beginning, Homeland has pulled viewers in with its intense storytelling and the ability to surprise viewers at any turn. From the romance and drama between Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody (and to his eventual demise) to the life-changing directions Danes' character has taken both personally and professionally, viewers have been treated to a full-bodied array of emotions.  We have watched the drama play out surrounded by an international backdrop of the highly volatile Muslim World.

In season six of Homeland, we see Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes; Stardust) back in the US living in Brooklyn with her daughter. She has a new career working to help Muslims in the United States who have experienced mistreatment by law enforcement. While Carrie has technically escaped the profession of being a CIA Agent, she still finds herself in the center of all its drama. Her actual career is that of a social worker, helping Muslims adjust to life in America amidst much anti-Muslim sentiment. Through her job, she comes across Sekou Bah (J. Mallory McCree; Quantico) who was arrested based on suspicion of being a terrorist. Making things worse, he posted videos of himself at terrorist sites. 

We also see how Carrie deals with the trauma of having her daughter removed from her care and the behind-the-scenes manipulations in these matters.

In other news… Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin; Wonder) and Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham; The Grand Budapest Hotel) still work for the CIA. They find themselves at odds this season, which makes for great TV drama tension. 

If all that wasn't enough, this season brings us the election of a female president, Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel; Gifted).  Chaos ensues after the election, and the season ends with many characters' lives in the balance.  While this is something we have seen before, it is nonetheless gripping and exciting television that brings with it intensity and drama.

Homeland Season six is encoded in with an AVC 1080p transfer in that is presented in a 1.78:1 aspect revolution. The color palette is a bit cool and normally warm colors are displayed as a bit muted. This is a deliberate choice by the producers that helps to convert the more chaotic feeling of this seasons as opposed to seasons past. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix complimenting the video is on par with past seasons and does a wonderful job separating the dialog and the special effects.  The mix is well done and effective in drawing the audience into the unfolding drama.

Homeland has never been heavy on its special features and unfortunately, Season 6 also continues this trend. Showtime has chosen to only employ three special features entitled: On Location: New York City, A slick marketing piece entitled About Season 6, and then finally a Q&A with the cast and creators during PaleyFest NY 2016.   While informative, I always wish there was more than they choose to give.

While focusing on the drama of the Middle East that has been a focal point of this Country for years now, Homeland still has a basic premise at heart - good old human drama which always makes for thrilling television.  After six seasons they till manage to make it fresh with new plot lines to continually entice audiences.  Great writing, good production values, and a terrific cast make this show a must watch so grab your DVDs today and catch up since season seven has already started!


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