Tarzan (1999)

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Released:  Friday, June 18, 1999  
Length:  88 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Genre: Family
Rating: Tarzan Is rated G by the Motion Picture Association of AmericaGeneral audiences. All ages admitted.


Disney animated film finds baby Tarzan lost in the jungle and raised by a gorilla family--patriarch Kerchak (Henriksen), nurturing mom Kala (Close), and bossy big sister Terk (O'Donnell). But, years later, a now grownup Tarzan's (Goldwyn) life is thrown into chaos when he first encounters humans--and realizes he is one. Eccentric gorilla scientist Professor Porter (Hawthorne) and his lovely daughter Jane (Driver) are willing to help, but jungle guide Clayton (Blessed) is the villain on the scene. Disney's animation is even more amazing than usual thanks to some new computer software that gives the jungle background unbelievable depth and Tarzan glides, surfs, and jumps in a wow! look! manner.

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Tarzan images are © Walt Disney Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Warner Bros. Looking to Release Two New Tarzan Films  6/18/2012 4:53 PM EST
Two new "Tarzan" films are currently being developed by Warner Bros.  The two films will differ in their interpretation of the classic story by Edgar Rice Burroughs.One of the films is said to be a more modernized version of the story.Writing one of the scripts will be Craig Brewer and the other will be written by Adam Cozad.  Brewer wrote for "Footloose" and Cozad is an up and coming writer who c...  More>>


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